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Envion Therapure 240M UV Germicidal HEPA Style Air Purifier 3-Speed Black


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Enjoy the peace and satisfaction of clean, pure air with the TPP240M Therapure Air Purifier. Engineered for maximum effectiveness, Therapure tower air purifiers use 3 unique air cleaning technologies for ultimate performance, so you can breathe easy. Perfect for medium to large-sized rooms, the TPP240M model has the capacity to cleanse and purify a 343-square foot room 3 times per hour, and includes and ionizer with a separate on/off button. This inconspicuous black unit can easily fit into your home or office decor without being noticed or distracting. The Hemispheric HEPA-type filter effectively reduces over 98% of allergens, pollution, smoke and odors, the UV light helps destroy airborne germs and bacteria, and the Photo-Catalyst filter removes toxic fumes, VOCs and chemicals from the air you breathe. Whether you’re asthmatic, suffering from allergies, looking to eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke, or seeking fresher air, the Therapure TPP240M has you covered. Envion Therapure 240M UV Germicidal, HEPA Style Air Purifier, 3-Speed, Black Capacity to clean 343-square ft. room 3x per hour Easy-to-clean HEPA-type filter captures particles as small as .03 microns Low power consumption and ENERGY STAR Certified UV light helps reduce airborne germs Ionizer with separate on/off button Photo-Catalyst Filter reduces harmful chemicals in the air Silent for easy sleeping Photo catalyst filter that doesn’t need to be replaced Three-speed fan Vacuums out and detoxifies air For medium to large spaces Perfect for urban living spaces with high pollution CADR: Pollen – 155, Dust – 132, Smoke – 137 3-speed fan setting lets you select the desired cleaning level No replacement filters needed. Simply vacuum out filters Low power consumption and energy efficient Great for homes with pets and other allergens These Hidden Airborne Polluters Can Make Your Family Sick: Each day, we inhale over 3000 gallons of air. The air we breathe circulates throughout our entire body, including our heart, lungs, kidneys and liver. When you breathe polluted air, you’re introducing toxins into every cell of your body. Symptoms of indoor air pollution include nasal congestion, fatigue, sneezing, wheezing, irritability, itchy throat, nose, or skin. Also, dry or watery eyes, hives, coughing – even stomach aches. These are some of the most common indoor contaminants, all of which can be removed or significantly reduced with the Therapure TPP240M Air Purifier. • CHEMICAL GASSES: Most house paint, carpeting and furniture, upholstery and flooring outgas toxic VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, right into our living space. • PETS: Dogs and cats bring odors and germs from outdoors into the house. They also release airborne dander, a known allergen, from their hair and skin. • ALLERGIES: Hay fever caused by pollen particles in the air in spring and fall can cause irritation to the eyes and could lead to asthma or respiratory problems in susceptible adults and children. • GERMS and VIRUSES: A sick person does not need to be coughing or sneezing to get you sick. Airborne flu and other viruses float throughout the air just through normal breathing. • MOLD SPORES, MILDEW AND BACTERIA: All of these thrive in damp and humid areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. They can cause severe breathing difficulties if inhaled. • CREATURES: Dust mites and their droppings move through the air in your home and can cause respiratory issues and skin allergies. • COOKING: Non-stick cookware gives off invisible gasses that can kill small birds. Pungent cooking odors such as curry, onions and strong spices can last for days. Take a look at all Envion Air Purifiers for all your air cleaning, purifying detoxification needs: including Ionic Pro, Therapure, and Allergy Pro models Visit for more information and other product offerings.


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